Yacht World Tour: From Hawaii to Guam

Yacht World Tour: From Hawaii to Guam

Don’t line up with the music.

Don’t get in line with it, ooh ah

The weather is nice uh I like it oh man cool

The power of the wind makes it like this, Lim says it’s a great invention to catch the 5¬†grill.

I’m checking with a pen paper.

I won’t see the best wind in the tea ceremony 4 ri.

Oh, there’s a little bit.

It took about 6,000 km to draw power and then to the evil department, but the wind wasn’t very good. I think Ah’s is a heavy gold¬†sprinting Hari 100kg, running about 200km a day.

If this is the case, I can’t even do it in c height. I’ll do my best.

I did a little back.

let’s go