A Fun Life

A Fun Life.

The story of living day by day for tomorrow while doing all kinds of hard work to save one’s life from the floor makes us feel familiar as we have seen and heard a lot around us.

Isn’t the story a little rough and rough, but sincere similar to what we are living in the present?

I hope you enjoy it with affection that it can be your story.


  • Let’s follow “Pleasant life” who has never studied professionally to write a novel.

The writer dares to shout his life as a ‘pleasant life‘.

Perhaps the writer is a big teacher of this era of earth spoons before he is a writer.

I think I get to know what life is like and how to live.


I strongly recommend it.

I opened the first page as a gift from my friend.

Unlike the title of Fun Life, I think I was more impressed by the unfolding content.

I’m glad it was a good opportunity to think deeply about family, dreams, and growth.