Hobby is competitiveness.

Hobby is competitiveness.

There is no correct answer to how a person should live.

However, there are countless types of desirable answers.

What is desirable is to find the right answer for yourself and live without wavering, repeating.

“Are you going to a form of life that you are satisfied with?”

However, many people neglect to find their own life because they try to find only the answer to life or because it is difficult.

How tired would it be to live like this?

No one can be an all-around human being who knows everything anyway, and there is no way to know the future, right?

I think the best way is to live in a better direction one by one while trying and gaining experience.


A person’s life is as great as the universe.

There is no answer to the question of how a person should live, but the most desirable answer would be “whether he is going to a satisfactory form of life.”

However, how many people in the world live truly satisfied with their lives?

Happiness is not something else, but something like that.

While living in a different way, I experienced many hardships and learned how to enjoy life in the process.


“People you know, thinker, doer, and enjoy”.

Few people say that life is happy.

Moreover, few people say that life is enjoyable.

People say that life is inevitable. But here is someone who enjoys life.

He proudly says that he is not happy but is living a pleasant life.


What is a “happy” life?

The author raises some questions about happiness.

Happiness is just an instant feeling.

When the same situation is repeated, you can no longer feel happy and become dull.

However, pleasure is different.

This is because the joy found in hardship and pain allows you to lead your life and enjoy your life.