Find what you like!

Find what you like!

You must have a goal to taste the reward of your life.


Part 1. What will you do for me?

  1. Am I the only one getting old?
  2. If you want to rest, rest. If you want to work, you work.
  3. Don’t just look forward.
  4. Yeah, if there’s a reason, I might not be able to do it.


Part 2. Make your own world.

  1. Being normal is not a bad thing.
  2. To me who came all the way here safely,
  3. It’s not too late to start.
  4. You can come back to your dreams.
  5. Shake it off and focus on me
  6. If you think that you shouldn’t give up,
  7. When you’re out of the center of work,
  8. Don’t be afraid of the result.
  9. Things I couldn’t do because I was busy.
  10. If you think about it, let’s start from the start…
  11. Don’t be in a hurry. Slowly.
  12. It’s not as hard as you think.
  13. I’m happy that I can concentrate.


Part 3. The secret to making decisions lasts long.

  1. I guess I was a little tired.
  2. Work hard and have fun.
  3. Use of goals.
  4. If you have a friend to be with,
  5. I don’t get tired of it and it’s getting more fun.


Part 4. About the relationship.

  1. Difficulty in dating someone unrelated to work.
  2. Marital relationship.
  3. The husband that the wife thinks of. The wife that the husband thinks of.
  4. The experience of caring for parents can be used in future life.
  5. If there’s no common topic between couples,
  6. Relationship after retirement age.


Part 5. How to keep your body and mind young.

  1. Lost memory. Never mind.
  2. Get along with my body.
  3. I don’t pursue youth too much.
  4. Aging is not a depressing thing.
  5. From social things to your own world.
  6. Don’t worry about small things.
  7. A walk that couples walk together.
  8. The fun of thinking.
  9. Interesting things aren’t hard.
  10. If you don’t want to feel bored.


Part 6. When you have a break

  1. Relationships are not smooth and tiring.
  2. It’s hard to do things that you’ve done easily.
  3. “This is too much for me,”
  4. Suddenly losing interest in something you’ve enjoyed doing.
  5. You’re interested in the opposite.
  6. Feel the gap between yourself and the present.
  7. You’re tied up in the past and worried about the future.


The backside is a true mirror of one’s own, a resume of one’s life.

It is a true appearance that cannot be hidden or decorated with anything.

All humans have their backs left after death.

French writer Michel Tournier said, “My back doesn’t know how to lie.”

That’s why the back that shows the way it is honest.

Language is the most mysterious and excellent function among human abilities.

Language can be a picture or a song.

I have thought that it would be nice to have only lyrical functions in language. 부대찌개맛집


Going on a Picnic.

Lightly like going on a picnic.

You can be as happy as you are wise.


1. The place of heart.

Greed doesn’t know satisfaction.

It’s unfair? That’s life.

Jeol is not a lottery shop Raise the dignity of your thoughts.

Live as the owner wherever you stay.


2. A place of change.

If you take it out, it’s light.

Monk, do you remember me?


3. A place of relationship.

Is the moon the problem or my heart the problem?

Children overcome their wounds and grow up.

It’s a nuisance that doesn’t even know your parents’ hearts Parents’ hearts, Bodhisattva’s hearts A warm word you say first Wrapping up the lack, touching the wound.


4_ Chapter of Wisdom.

The answer is in my heart.

Do you really have nothing?

You have to get the flowing water to be a virtue There must be a reason The bottle I make is actually a good.


5. Place of faith.

The lamp doesn’t only shine under my feet.

It’s frustrating to keep it in place.

Don’t want a miracle and follow the truth.

It’s enough to keep 5 rules.

I’m the owner of the truth.

What no one can do for you Be Buddha With the heart of coming to the temple for the first time.


It’s not the right faith to want a miracle.

It is natural that autumn comes in summer, and winter comes in autumn.

Wise people study how to spend the winter well.

By letting go without being obsessed, we can get out of pain.


People who have hated someone know.

The time to be depressed, resentful, and angry is a waste of time.

Sadness and hatred do not solve it sharply.

Spend time, get upset, and the relationship only gets worse.

No matter how educated and cultured you are, you can’t be beautiful if you can’t control your greed.

No matter how rich you are and how honorable you are, if you can’t give up your greed, you’ll be ugly.


“Happiness is not a special event”.

“Don’t try too hard to hold onto your happiness and enjoy it right now.”


What takes happiness from us and what seeds create suffering?

It gives answers to him who gives clear and warm advice to various life concerns.

The book consists of seven chapters under the theme of mind, change, relationship, wisdom, faith, truth, and devotion.

First, look into the attributes of the mind and the conditions of happiness.

How to convert family conflicts into love and understanding, wisdom that changes life.


  • I look at the mindset of living in the world and my present state.

A Fun Life

A Fun Life.

The story of living day by day for tomorrow while doing all kinds of hard work to save one’s life from the floor makes us feel familiar as we have seen and heard a lot around us.

Isn’t the story a little rough and rough, but sincere similar to what we are living in the present?

I hope you enjoy it with affection that it can be your story.


  • Let’s follow “Pleasant life” who has never studied professionally to write a novel.

The writer dares to shout his life as a ‘pleasant life‘.

Perhaps the writer is a big teacher of this era of earth spoons before he is a writer.

I think I get to know what life is like and how to live.


I strongly recommend it.

I opened the first page as a gift from my friend.

Unlike the title of Fun Life, I think I was more impressed by the unfolding content.

I’m glad it was a good opportunity to think deeply about family, dreams, and growth.


Hobby is competitiveness.

Hobby is competitiveness.

There is no correct answer to how a person should live.

However, there are countless types of desirable answers.

What is desirable is to find the right answer for yourself and live without wavering, repeating.

“Are you going to a form of life that you are satisfied with?”

However, many people neglect to find their own life because they try to find only the answer to life or because it is difficult.

How tired would it be to live like this?

No one can be an all-around human being who knows everything anyway, and there is no way to know the future, right?

I think the best way is to live in a better direction one by one while trying and gaining experience.


A person’s life is as great as the universe.

There is no answer to the question of how a person should live, but the most desirable answer would be “whether he is going to a satisfactory form of life.”

However, how many people in the world live truly satisfied with their lives?

Happiness is not something else, but something like that.

While living in a different way, I experienced many hardships and learned how to enjoy life in the process.


“People you know, thinker, doer, and enjoy”.

Few people say that life is happy.

Moreover, few people say that life is enjoyable.

People say that life is inevitable. But here is someone who enjoys life.

He proudly says that he is not happy but is living a pleasant life.


What is a “happy” life?

The author raises some questions about happiness.

Happiness is just an instant feeling.

When the same situation is repeated, you can no longer feel happy and become dull.

However, pleasure is different.

This is because the joy found in hardship and pain allows you to lead your life and enjoy your life.


Traveling to the outdoor area alone

Traveling to the outdoor area alone.

It was four days when I had to walk alone along the coast and live uncomfortably without washing.

That time, the author experiences discovering himself.

A guide for those who want to go on an outdoor trip.