Find what you like!

Find what you like!

You must have a goal to taste the reward of your life.


Part 1. What will you do for me?

  1. Am I the only one getting old?
  2. If you want to rest, rest. If you want to work, you work.
  3. Don’t just look forward.
  4. Yeah, if there’s a reason, I might not be able to do it.


Part 2. Make your own world.

  1. Being normal is not a bad thing.
  2. To me who came all the way here safely,
  3. It’s not too late to start.
  4. You can come back to your dreams.
  5. Shake it off and focus on me
  6. If you think that you shouldn’t give up,
  7. When you’re out of the center of work,
  8. Don’t be afraid of the result.
  9. Things I couldn’t do because I was busy.
  10. If you think about it, let’s start from the start…
  11. Don’t be in a hurry. Slowly.
  12. It’s not as hard as you think.
  13. I’m happy that I can concentrate.


Part 3. The secret to making decisions lasts long.

  1. I guess I was a little tired.
  2. Work hard and have fun.
  3. Use of goals.
  4. If you have a friend to be with,
  5. I don’t get tired of it and it’s getting more fun.


Part 4. About the relationship.

  1. Difficulty in dating someone unrelated to work.
  2. Marital relationship.
  3. The husband that the wife thinks of. The wife that the husband thinks of.
  4. The experience of caring for parents can be used in future life.
  5. If there’s no common topic between couples,
  6. Relationship after retirement age.


Part 5. How to keep your body and mind young.

  1. Lost memory. Never mind.
  2. Get along with my body.
  3. I don’t pursue youth too much.
  4. Aging is not a depressing thing.
  5. From social things to your own world.
  6. Don’t worry about small things.
  7. A walk that couples walk together.
  8. The fun of thinking.
  9. Interesting things aren’t hard.
  10. If you don’t want to feel bored.


Part 6. When you have a break

  1. Relationships are not smooth and tiring.
  2. It’s hard to do things that you’ve done easily.
  3. “This is too much for me,”
  4. Suddenly losing interest in something you’ve enjoyed doing.
  5. You’re interested in the opposite.
  6. Feel the gap between yourself and the present.
  7. You’re tied up in the past and worried about the future.


The backside is a true mirror of one’s own, a resume of one’s life.

It is a true appearance that cannot be hidden or decorated with anything.

All humans have their backs left after death.

French writer Michel Tournier said, “My back doesn’t know how to lie.”

That’s why the back that shows the way it is honest.

Language is the most mysterious and excellent function among human abilities.

Language can be a picture or a song.

I have thought that it would be nice to have only lyrical functions in language. 부대찌개맛집